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Dear Ssnake-Oyl,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful job you and your company did on the seat belts for our AMC last March. The quality of work was excellent. The car the belts went into is H. DeWayne Ashmead's Mark Donohue Javelin. I restored the car to concours specifications. Last years show results are as follows:

- AMO AMC Nationals July 24-25, 1998, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Gold award in Junion Javelin Stock
- Mopar Nationals August 7, 8 9, 1998 Columbus Ohio: First Place in AMC Stock Category
- AACA Western Division Fall Nationals September 5, 1998 Cheyenne, Wyoming; First Place in Class
- Concours D'Elegance September 20, 1998 Salt Lake City, Utah; First Place in class

Again, I would like to thank you for your help in taking on the parts for an AMC. I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Sincerely, Brooke

To All You Folks,

I have completed the full restoration of the First Production Ford Mustang Hardtop which I own. Enclosed is a photo of the interior which shows the installation of the perfectly restored configuration seatbelts which were purchased from you. They look magnificent! When I opened the box and saw the meticulous restoration work that had gone into these belts, I was in awe of your restoration efforts to make these belts as new. I have restored Ford cars over the past 20 or so years and rarely if ever have I seen such attention to anything of such small detail as these seat belts. Specifications, which were required by me, such as date coded FoMoCo labels, were exactly adhered to. Thank you for the excellent, timely service and the beautiful final product. I am proud to diplay these belts on this historic Mustang which will be seen publicly for may years to come.

Bob, LaCrescenta, CA

Dear Ssnake-Oyl,

I'd like to extend a thumbs-up for the great job you all did with my seat belts for my '74 Trans Am. The buckles and tongues look very appropriate for the year of the car. They all move in and out effortlessly. Plus, the stitches look very factory. I received them on time to enjoy my end of July weekend trip. If anyone asks where to get seat belts for their classic car I will certainly recommend Ssnake-Oyl Products. My safety is definitely worth the quality.

Thank you,
Leland, South Holland, IL

We received our seat belts recently not just on time, but prior to promised time, professionally wrapped, professionally shipped, professionally repaired. Service of this type is such a rarity these days; you rank in the top 1. Brian and Carol,

My final act on the restoration was to install the front seat seatbelts you remanufactured for me. And they are beautiful. So Iím emailing you and your Company to say so.
Thanks for a great job! Iíll be in touch when Iím ready to order the seatbelts for the back seats. Richard, San Diego, CA

The seatbelts had only recently been restored in our í69 Mach l Mustang, when an 83 year old lady crossed the centerline & head-on-ed my husband. The wreck nearly killed him & totaled our Mustang. Ssnake-Oyl seatbelts literally saved his life. They had to cut the seatbelts off him to extricate him from the car, as he was knocked unconscious for several hours. Through all his pain, & tears, he made me laugh when he said, ďPlease tell me they didnít cut my new Ssnake Oyl seatbelts!Ē Broken bones, torn back muscle, collapsed lung, facial cuts & knocked out teeth, but he was worried about his new Ssnake Oyl seatbelts!
They did cut them off him, but not until after the seat belts had saved his life! He recently mailed our seatbelts (the ones they had to cut off of him) to you to be restored AGAIN. Thanks Ssnake Oyl for saving his life & being so important to him (he loves how they turned out & was so proud of them!) that his new seatbelts were the first thing he worried about! Iím glad heís alive so we can laugh together now about it. And we recently found a new í69 Mustang to move the seatbelts into.

Elaine & Roger, Jensen, Utah

I just received back my Aqua 1964 restored seat belts. As I removed them from the box I was completely in awe at the craftsmanship and attention to detail that was done to the belts.

I have used many, many outside suppliers in restoring this car. Your company is the only one that has given me what I expected in attention to detail. From the initial call to your office to the final packaging and shipping you have restored my faith that there are still companies that can produce a finished product with some class. Your company is exceptional in every fact of itís operation.

Perry, Council Grove, Kansas


I've never done this but I just had to write about the excellent service of one of your Merchant Members - Ssnake-Oyl Products. I have a 70 440 Cuda built October 13th, 1969 and like some of us, are attending to some details for showing the car. I used the car for a nice weather weekend cruiser especially to Chuck-A-Burger in Saint Louis and to the Monster Mopar Weekend at Gateway in September. I've not seen any articles on seat belts so this further enticed me to write.

One of the strange things about this car was the seat belts. I had a retractable belt on the drivers side and the passenger side had a plain old lap belt. I thought because of the early build date (built before January 1, 1970) that maybe government regs applied a shoulder belt rule to the drivers side only. I had noticed slits in the head liner but never paid much attention figuring they were just for the liner.

Well, last September after the show, the passenger seat belt came apart at the buckle. Well my passengers now were a little concerned about not being able to buckle up as I always do in the 375HP Lemon Twist beast, not that I eve get "on" it. Well a call to Mary at Ssnake-Oyl proved very enlightening and somewhat entertaining as I was describing the awful state of my seat belt situation as I climbed around inside the car on my cell phone reading off part numbers that were definitely not Ma Mopars. Not to mention that I did'nt have any rear seat belts at all! Mary to the rescue!!! Her and the good folks at Ssnake-Oyl not only provided excellent reproductions of the seat belts, but all of the headliner clips, screw, and covers that hold the shoulder belts up and above the doors, all the bolts and retractors. The parts that they don't have (yet?) are the plastic cover that go under the carpet over the front seat lap belt retractors and the little rectangular cover that goes over the hole in the carpet above the retractors. It took me about a day to do all the work myself. Note the slot in the seat arm that I assume the belt goes throught from the retractors in the floor. I'm sending some pictures for you to share (I reduced the file sizes greatly for emailing) if you like with your readers and to the good people at Ssnake-Oyl. Thanks again for quality workmanship and to Mopar Collectors Guide for an excellent magazine!

Best Regards, Chuck Critti

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