Custom Seat Belt Services

Our technicians can make a set of custom seatbelts that are definitely a step up from our replacement stock seat belts!

You simply call us up and tell us what kind of car they will be going in and more than likely we will have the exact measurements for what was originally in the car. You can also specify to make your belts longer or shorter depending on your needs.

When choosing a webbing, let us know what color and type you are looking for and we will send you several different color swatches of whatever you need. You can then compare them to the interior of your car to get a good match. The webbing we usually use in our custom seat belts is the same we use in our seat belt restorations. This webbing is custom made for us to replicate the style of webbing that was used in the 60's thru the 80's.

Why are Custom Seat Belts a Better Value:
  • Nicer finish on lift latch buckles
  • Large old style anchors
  • Webbing cut to whatever length you need
  • Buckles Rechromed and /or Recolored
  • Thread that matches webbing
  • All plastic pieces dyed to match webbing

*Some parts or services may not be available for all vehicles.

For More Information
Please call (800)284-7777 or (903)526-4500 or you can e-mail your question to Email: and find out what we can do for you and to request your color swatches.

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